Deaf Puppet Theater Hitomi Presents Kawa no Wappa

Shows by Deaf Puppet Theater Hitomi, a puppet troupe made up of deaf and hearing members.

Deaf Puppet Theater Hitomi PresentsKawa no Wappa
Date: September 9th(Sun.)
Matinee Performance: Doors open 2pm, show starts 2:30pm./Evening Performance: Doors open 5pm, show starts 5:30pm.
Venue: Sado Information Center(〒952-0011 384-11Ryotsu Ebisu Umikata, Sado)

Ticket receipts can be purchased at Loppi ticket machines found in Lawson stores, or on the Lawson ticket website ( These can then be exchanged for a Passport Ticket.


Japan’s first live streaming studio/channel DOMMUNE comes to Sado for the Sado Galaxy Art Festival.

《First Stream Date: October 6th(Sat.) 7pm~0am Venue: Pub Serina》
《Second Stream Date:October 7th(Sun.) 7pm~0am Venue: Pub Serina》
《Third Stream Date:October 8th(Mon.Public Holiday) Show times TBA on our website. Venue: Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada (terraced rice fields)》

※The third stream will be of “SADO INFINITY 88 Cymbal”.

Ticket receipts can be purchased at Loppi ticket machines found in Lawson stores, or on the Lawson ticket website ( These can then be exchanged for a Passport Ticket.

Naohiro Ukawa

Naohiro Ukawa(DOMMUNE)

“Now” artist. Born in 1968. A native of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Professor at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Information Design.
Ukawa is an omnidirectional artist whose broad range of work is truly multifaceted. He is at once a filmmaker, graphic designer, VJ, writer, and “now” artist.

※*As the third performance (on Monday, October 8 at the Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada) will be held at the same venue as the “SADO INFINITY 88 Cymbal”, a Passport will gain you admission to the event.

Artist ∈Y∋ will conduct an 88-person cymbal band, using the terraced rice fields as a stage. (Cymbal players wanted!)

Conceptualized and Conducted by: ∈Y∋
Date: Oct. 8th(Mon.Public Holiday)
Venue: Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada (terraced rice fields)

Please present your Exhibition Pass to enter the exhibition space.

Journey around Sado’s nighttime treasures with the Youma Sightseeing Bus Tour.
Journey around Sado’s nighttime treasures with the Youma Sightseeing Bus Tour.
A curious rumor concerning a mysterious bus exists on Sado Island—it is said that when the cries of the black-tailed gulls can be heard, a certain bus makes an unexpected appearance at the ocean breeze-rusted bus stop. On the bus—that can first be distinguished in the darkness by the faint glow of its headlights—are the words “Youma Sightseeing”. Picking up its passengers, the bus moves right along, and disappears into the night. To where does it go? This is a mystery even to its passengers. Tonight, the Youma Sightseeing Bus will be waiting for you to board, and will take you on a tour around Sado’s mysterious nighttime treasures.
*In the Sado dialect, “youma” is the word for “night”. This nighttime bus tour takes you around locations connected with the many folktales and legends that exist on Sado Island (of which there are said to be 1,200), with fun entertainment and cutting edge art along the way.
Date: August 10 (Fri)-12 (Sun), and September 28 (Fri)-30 (Sun)
Destination: Secret until the day of the tour.
Meeting Area: Sado Information Center I-PortClick here for the venue website
Price: ¥3,000
Capacity: 30 people per day
Contact: 2018 Earth Celebration Project General Information Counter.
Phone: 050-5305-5135 (available Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm).

※The information counter will be open from Wednesday May 16th (Wed) to Oct 14th (Sun). From August 10th (Fri) to the 26th (Sun), the information counter will also be open during weekends and national holidays.

A Passport Ticket will gain you admission.


Food Project “Island Cafe 〜mu su bi〜”
This pop-up café serves a menu created by local high school students with ingredients sourced on the island.
Date : Sep. 9th(Sun.)
Daytime Show: starts at 2:00 pm, ends at 2:30 pm /Evening Show: starts at 5:00 pm, ends at 5:30 pm
Venue: i-port Sado (Sado Information Center(384-11 Ryotsu Ebisu, Sado, Niigata, 952-0011, Japan)

Perk: Show your Passport to receive a complementary glass of juice made on Sado Island.

Community Project
Mushizaki Bon Odori Festival Art Project
Mushizaki Bon Odori Festival Art Project

“There is gold and silver buried under the tree lit by morning light. If ever you face a series of hardships, dig under that tree.”
In Mushizaki, a marginal village with a population of 17, is the legend of “The Tree of Akebono.” Based on this legend, the people of the region gathered during the Showa Period for the “Avec” Dance and the Edo Period for the Sado Bon Odori Festival Dance. A modern day version of these dances will be re-enacted, including a dance by the incarnation of the Japanese crested ibis.

Date: August 12th(Fri.) 18:30〜
Venue: Mushizaki Branch
Admission: Free
Artist/dancer: Yuki Matsuzaki.

Artist/dancer: Yuki Matsuzaki.

Improvisational dancer. From a young age, Matsuzaki grew up around the local arts of her hometown of Sado. In 2001, Matsuzaki studied drama at the performing arts college Butai Geijyutsu Gakuin, and learned modern dance under Bonjin Atsugi, going on to perform in the 2007 film Neontetra directed by Macoto Tezuka. Matsuzaki then began improvisational dance, and played the leading role in Tezuka’s OKUAGA shown at the 2017 Image Forum Festival.

Boathouse Art Project
Boathouse Art Project

Create a PET bottle windmill with artist Deki Yayoi!
A fun workshop for children and adults alike—decorate your creations with fingerprint painting.

Date: August 12th(Fri.) 10:00〜12:00
Venue: Lake Kamo Boathouse(Harakuro, Sado)
BAMBOO Project
BAMBOO Project

The bamboo creates beautiful silhouettes that transform throughout the day, leaving beholders with a lasting impression of Sado’s changing scenery. Parasol is a work created with the local residents, using bamboo harvested from the village forest in Sado. It can be viewed at festival venues, as well as on Tassha Beach. Technical guidance and production assistance was provided by the Kuroyanagi Research Office at Nihon University’s College of Science and Technology, Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering.