Passport Ticket (Exhibition Pass)

The Passport Ticket gives you access to exhibition venues during the festival. It is available in two forms: digital and printed (physical). Purchase either the digital or printed Passport Ticket and present it at the festival’s exhibits to gain entry. You can also collect stamps from each exhibition venue in your Passport Ticket, which will make you eligible to receive a complimentary gift.

*Passport Tickets are only valid for the person whose name is on it.
*Passport Tickets are valid between Sunday, August 8 and Sunday, October 3, 2021, and can be used throughout this period.
*Exhibits will be open for the duration of the festival, with no closing days.
*Additional fees may apply for event entry/participation.
*High school/post-secondary students will be asked to present ID upon entry to confirm their age.


・General Admission ¥3,000
・High school/Post-secondary students ¥2,000
・Middle school students and below FREE

Digital Passport Ticket

For smartphone users. Can be purchased at any time, allowing for convenient access.

How to purchase

For ticket details

Users must install the Jorudan transit planing app “Japan Transit Planner-Norikae Annai” in order to use the Digital Passport Ticket. Download the app here:

After downloading the app, chose “Ticket” from the main menu. From the “Purchase Ticket” tab, click the orange “Facility” button at the top and choose “Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival 2021 Passport Ticket” to proceed to the purchasing page.

Ticket availability

0:00 on Sunday, August 8 – 16:00 on Sunday, October 3

Printed Passport Ticket (physical copy)

*Printed Passport Tickets will only be available for same-day purchase prices starting August 8. For those interested in advance tickets please contact us via the inquiry form.

Ticket Offices

Ticket availability

Sunday, August 8 – Sunday, October 3

Exhibition venues requiring Passport Ticket for entry

Takashi HommaTokurou’s Seaweed (wakame) Hut (reception: Iwakubi Dangisho)
JhonNam HaOld Folk House Irori Inn Cho-zo
Ryusuke Yamai and Yokna HasegawaMushizaki Village, Former Mushizaki Branch School
Syoin KajiiNagayamon Taikeiji
The Nobuaki Furuya and Yuri Fujii Laboratory at Waseda University and Koiwa Kanaami Co., Ltd.Oma Port
Masahiro UsamiSado Museum
Tatsushi OwaAnyouji Haguro Shrine
Seikai HondaGakko Gura (former Nishimikawa Elementary School)

Event tickets

For details on specific events, check the event page.

Ticket prices / How to purchase

9/18 ticket ¥8,000, 9/19 ticket ¥12,000. Two-day ticket ¥18,000 (tentative).
Purchase via ticketing platform Peatix.

■Sado Sagiryu Kyogen/Shuwa Kyogen (sign language kyogen) Performance
Adults ¥2,000, elementary school students and under ¥1,000 (tentative)
*More ticket info TBA

■Art tour
¥5,000 per person

Collect stamps to get a complimentary gift

The first 200 ticket holders to visit 16 exhibition venues and collect all 16 stamps will receive a complimentary gift: a “clear file” (plastic sheet protector) with Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival design. Each ticket holder is only eligible for one gift. Some of the exhibits are scheduled to begin during the festival period.

▶For visitors with printed Passport Tickets
Present your Passport Ticket at the entrance area for each exhibition venue to get your Passport Ticket stamped. For venues without a designated entrance area, look for the stamp booth where you can stamp your own Passport Ticket.

▶For visitors with digital Passport Tickets
Scan the QR codes at each exhibition venue and mark off each exhibit you visit. You can see a list of the exhibits you’ve visited via the “Artists and Artworks” button on the digital Passport Ticket. Groups will receive a number of complimentary gifts equal to the number of tickets purchased.

Where to redeem your complimentary gift

caMoco café (553-28 Harakuro, Sado, Niigata)

Access: Take Niigata Kotsu Sado bus and get off at Shiizaki Onsen Iriguchi (Shiizaki Onsen Entrance)
Open: 10:00-17:00
No closing days for the duration of the festival.

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