Sado Art Brut Exhibition

This exhibition showcases artists with disabilities on and outside Sado Island, whose artwork is created through completely free self-expression.
The art is an expression of their sensibilities sharpened through daily life. “Art brut” comes from the French for “raw art”, and is used to describe paintings and formative works of art created voluntarily by those who have not received formal training, and thus not heavily influenced by art trends.

Sado Art Brut

In 2016, 10 volunteers involved in the field of welfare services for persons with disabilities formed an executive committee whose aim was to introduce talented artists from Sado to those on and outside the island.
Several people from the Persons with Disabilities Welfare Service Center also lend their efforts to the cause. The artists—more than 30 of whose work has been exhibited thus far—create in collaboration with Sado Island residents with disabilities.

August 10 (Fri) – August 19 (Sun) |September 28 (Fri) – October 14 (Sun)

※The term of the First half has been shortened. Please be careful.

10:00 – 17:00
[First half] Eihou Temple [Second half]Kunimi-so
First half:〒952-0103 214 Niibokatagami, Sadoview on Google Map

Second half:〒952-0105 734 Niiboshōmyōji, SadoGoogle Mapで見る