Hideaki Honma Exhibition

Bamboo work has long been a feature of life on Sado, as the island is blessed with many bamboo forests where quality bamboo can be harvested.
Many of Honma’s works are decorative pieces, with bamboo woven to create unique expressions, contours, and movement. These bamboo creations take inspiration from the island itself, as seen through Honma’s different series of works such as “birds”, “animals”, “wind”, “knots”, and “ripples”. Honma has held several highly acclaimed exhibitions abroad, including in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he held an exhibition celebrating 30 years of work as a bamboo artist. Following by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Art Institute of Chicago, Honma’s work was also acquired by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art last June.

Hideaki Honma

Born 1959 in Hatanomachi, Sadogun, Niigata Prefecture.
Awarded the Gendai Kogei Rijicho-Sho (President’s Contemporary Arts and Crafts Award) at the celebratory 50th Niigata Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 2012.
Awarded the Tokyo Tochiji-Sho (Governor of Tokyo Award) at the 53rd Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 2014.

August 10 (Fri) – August 26 (Sun) |September 28 (Fri) – October 14 (Sun)
10:00 – 17:00
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