This location was in use as the fish market’s administration building until 1978, and the various objects you see around the room are all ones that have remained here since that time. Sado Island receives radio signals from Russia, the Korean Peninsula, and China. As a child growing up in Ryotsu, Yoshida would listen to—what was to him—the undecipherable foreign noise coming through the radio, and let his imagination run wild. The Morse code that beeps in conjunction with the blinking lights, and the sign language that can be seen on the flag through binoculars all spell out the words “I Love You.” This installation uses light and sound to signify the existence of a hidden, inexpressible, and richly layered world, and a form of communication that transcends time and distance.
Special Thanks : Fisheries Cooperative Association, Yuichi Higashionna, KOUKOH AD Co., Ltd., Mikiko Kikuta, Seiichi Ichihashi, Zoukeisya Co., Ltd., Takeshi Ito, Masaru Hyogo, Ineko Handa, Toshiharu Ishihara, Chinami Honma, Yukihiro Takahashi, Kazutaka Izato, Mitsue Watanabe, Masaya Shimada, Harue Saito, Tatsuya Saito.

Morito Yoshida

Born in Sado, Niigata Prefecture.
Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Director of Communications. Yoshida’s works include a cave installation in the then city of Ishikawa (now Uruma) located on the main island of Okinawa and an installation at the 2016 Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival.

August 10 (Fri) – August 26 (Sun) |September 28 (Fri) – October 14 (Sun)
10:00 – 17:00
Old Fish Market
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