Kazuo Umezz Special Exhibition
“My Name is Shingo”

Special exhibition commemorating My Name is Shingo being awarded the Inheritance Prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival and the Heritage Daruma in the manga division at the Japan Expo Awards.

My Name is Shingo was created in the hopes that it would allow readers the opportunity to reflect on the past, present, and future, and, through the characters Shingo and Marin, remember the genuine emotions felt during childhood, as well as recognize the existence of human evil within present day society. In 2018, the work won the Inheritance Prize at one of Europe’s largest comics festivals, the Angoulême International Comics Festival, in recognition of its status as a work of world comic inheritance, and the Heritage Daruma in the manga division at the Japan Expo Awards. The final setting of this monumental work is none other than Sado Island, and this special exhibition is one to commemorate the awards it has received.

Kazuo Umezu

Born 1936 in Wakayama Prefecture. Grew up in Nara Prefecture.
Umezu made his debut in 1955 with the work Mori no Kyodai (Siblings of the Forest), as a manga artist of books that were specifically created to be loaned to readers. He went on to create several hit mangas such as Reptilia and Cat Eyes Boy, which gave rise to the term “horror manga” to describe their genre. He is known for numerous works such as The Drifting Classroom, Makoto-chan, Orochi: Blood, Baptism, My Name is Shingo, God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand, and Fourteen. In 1975, The Drifting Classroom won the 20th Shogakukan Manga Award. Umezu’s work is not limited to that as a manga artist—he is also a Japanese TV personality, singer, and movie director.

August 10 (Fri) – August 26 (Sun) |September 28 (Fri) – October 14 (Sun)
10:00 – 17:00
Sado Information Center
〒952-0011 384-11 , Ryotsu Ebisu, Sadoview on Google Map