NAMI (First half & Second half)

HARBIN (Second half)

NAMI (First half & Second half)
HARBIN (Second half)

20 years have passed since I began photographing the ocean waves of Sado Island. The sea bestows many gifts, but can at once lose her temper and reveal a frightening countenance. The waves that repeatedly break on Sado’s shores possess infinite variety. For this year’s festival, I have displayed my work in a wooden warehouse owned by the fishermen’s cooperative.

I photographed the Chinese city of Harbin from 2009 to 2012, capturing the working class neighborhoods as they were being swept up by the tide of time, and the streets that were starting to reinvent themselves. Like at the height of Japan’s economic growth, the city was going through change at a maddening rate, which I hope you experience through the pictures.

Syoin Kajii

Born in 1976. A native of Sado-Shi.
Graduated in 1999 from Koyasan University’s Department of Esoteric Buddhism.Published the photography collection NAMI in 2004, which won Kajii the 2005 Photographic Society of Japan’s new face award.

August 10 (Fri) – August 26 (Sun) |September 28 (Fri) – October 14 (Sun)
10:00 – 17:00
First half:Washizaki Fishery Warehouse
Second half:Washizaki Fishery Warehouse&Kannonji Temple
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Washizaki Fishery Warehouse:
〒952-3205 Washizaki Fishing Port, Washizaki, Sadoview on Google Map
Kannonji Temple:
〒952-3205 858 Washizaki, Sadoview on Google Map