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JhonNam Ha

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Third-generation Korean born in Japan. Grew up in Nagano Prefecture, and moved to South Korea in 2017 to “marry into” a Korean family. The following year, as she was preparing her submission for the Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival, she discovered hanji paper near the town where her family has roots—an encounter she feels was orchestrated by her ancestors. She cur-rently designs installations and conducts performances using hanji as the main material. She has exhibited work at the SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival in Japan and the Baggat Art Exhibition in South Korea.

paper , paper and paper

In the past, Sado was a place where industry flourished. Today it is a hub for the development of natural farming. It is, paradoxically, a boundary space where you can feel both the future and the past. It also sits between Honshu (the main island of Japan) and the Korean Peninsula. As such it is tied to the identity of the artist, who was born in Japan but lives in South Korea—who exists on the boundary between the two countries.

Sado has a long tradition of putting up paper-cut decorations to celebrate the New Year. The artist has combined Japanese washi paper and Korean hanji paper and put them onto old shoji sliding door frames. When seen from above they are arranged in a pentagonal shape—a kind of keyhole connecting the past and future. It is within this in-between space that the artist pays homage to this land and channels her hope for the future into performance.


Old folk house Irori inn cho-zo

Old folk house Irori inn cho-zo
Kuninaka Area
58-1 Yamada, Sado, Niigata 952-0857

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