2021.9.18 (Sat)〜19 (Sun)


Experience the fusion of food, video, and music in the great outdoors of Sado Island in a new kind of camping festival featuring Terry Riley, Keiji Haino and more.
Serving as director of this event is Lisa Yamai from outdoor brand Snow Peak, Inc, which is headquartered in the city of Sanjo in mainland Niigata. Set against the backdrop of Onogame, a 167-meter tall turtle-shaped monolith on the northernmost end of Sado Island, a lineup of artists and other guests will put on a two-day event that blends food, video, and music with Sado’s nature and culture. Each day will feature a unique program. Through these performances rooted in local traditional arts and crafts, our goal is to build a robust community centered on Sado.

★Overnight camping will be allowed within the event grounds for three days: September 18, 19, and 20. Rental tents will be available for an additional fee.

Producer: Morito Yoshida
Advisers: Noi Sawaragi, Naohiro Ukawa, Hiroyuki Ogawa
PR Director: Toshihide Kimura
FRACTAL CAMP Director: Lisa Yamai (Snow Peak, Inc.)
DOMMUNE Streaming Director: Naohiro Ukawa

Event Information (Tentative)

[Sept. 18]
Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Symposium
Ondeko×Barbaggia Food Performance
Screening of director Toshiaki Toyoda’s film “Shiver”

[Sept. 19]

Live Performances
Artists: Keiji Haino, OLAibi, Manami Kakudo, MOODMAN, solo solo solo and others
DOMMUNE Presents「LANDSCAPE MUZAK」PROJECT SADO #1: Terry Riley Live Performance “WAKARIMASEN” with Kodo, Salyu

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased via the “Get Tickets“ button at the bottom of the page. (The link will open the ticketing platform Peatix.) We ask that you read through the infection prevention guidelines and list of precautions before purchasing tickets.

2021.9.18 (Sat)〜19 (Sun)
9/18 ticket ¥8,000, 9/19 ticket ¥12,000. Two-day ticket ¥18,000 (tentative).
Onogame and Futatsugame
Negai, Sado, Niigata

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