2021.8.29 (Sun), 9.5 (Sun), 9.25 (Sat), 9.26 (Sun)

Art Tour

Experience the beauty of Sado Island through a guided tour. Participants will get to visit the art festival’s exhibition venues, as well as board a chartered bus that will take them to see some of Sado’s best kept secrets, off the beaten path of regular tourist bus routes. Guides will provide cultural insights from a folklore studies perspective. Lunch is included.

Tetsuo Ikeda (Professor Emeritus, Niigata University)
Morito Yoshida (Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Producer)

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2021.8.29 (Sun), 9.5 (Sun), 9.25 (Sat), 9.26 (Sun)
¥5,000 (tentative)
Various locations throughout Sado Island

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