PASSPORT *The exhibition has been closed.


*The exhibition will end on October 3rd.

Artist/Crystal singing bowl performer
Musician/Contemporary artist
Japanese musician and crystal singing bowl performer based in France and Japan. She has performed at world heritage sites, international symposiums, and other events around the world. As a crystal singing bowl specialist, she has written songs for herself and others, and produced ambient music and performances. In addition, she is also active as a contemporary artist, using her crystal singing bowl to produce abstract and media art pieces using sound.

Lake Kamo Sound Installation / Sound Installation “Box”

My installation will be exhibited on the west and east sides of Lake Kamo. The themes are sound and space.
On the west side, an outdoor sound object will act as a source of music amid the great nature of Sado Island. On the east side, a small boathouse will act as a box, showcasing sound, fixed artwork, and the natural landscape.
In both cases, the natural landscape and sounds, the humans present, and the time spent within those spaces—these things are the essence of the piece.


*There are two exhibition sites.

〈Lake Kamo Sound Installation〉
Kizaki shrin

Address 1577 Akitsu, Sado, Niigata 952-0021

〈Sound Installation “Box”〉
caMoco cafe

Address 553-28 Harakuro, Sado, Niigata 952-0016

Ryotsu Area

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