Artist. Born 1975 in Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from the Musashino Art University Graduate School’s oil painting course.
Studied abroad at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Terada won the Musashino Art University Paris Award, which allowed her to hold an artistic residency in Paris and Berlin. At the time, Terada mainly created paintings.
Recently, Terada’s works have had themes of organisms, mechanics, and time, and draw on water imagery. Terada finds new methods of expression through brushwork and choice of materials, depending on the particular features of the materials she uses and the base on which she creates her works.

Zeami Equinox Boat

This imaginative work creates the Japanese playwright Zeami’s study.
Zeami was banished to the island of Sado, which was a higan, or “opposite shore”. During higan, or the equinoctial week in autumn, the golden terraced rice fields undulate, and the study with the domed, open-timbered roof transforms into a boat and sets out for the opposite shore.
Created in 2016.


Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada
Maehama Area
Iwakubi, Sado, Niigata 952-0857
Parking: Please use the parking lot of Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada (terraced rice fields) Observatory, about 200 meters from the venue.

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